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Wedding photographer

The profession of photographer is first and foremost a passion that I developed from my childhood. I am attached to transcribe on silver paper, with my friends and my old camera film and manual, the small details of everyday life. Then, I gradually developed my artistic sense.

My commitment as a wedding photographer is carried out later and for a few years, I take pleasure to convey your emotions through my images. I try through my photos to set emotion, love and passion, while respecting your natural beauty.

I love these moments of love and complicity, totally delivered to my goal and giving meaning to the profession of wedding photographer.

composition en photographie

Testimonials wedding photographer

Discover the reactions and testimonies of the old couple who have trusted me during these last years.

Camera gear

Every photographer likes to have at his disposal at all times the maximum of material to be able to deal with all situations. Unfortunately, this would require me to come to your wedding with a huge suitcase and two assistants to carry.

To overcome these problems and to render a high-quality work, I still try to travel light. So I constantly with me, two professional SLR digital cameras Nikon D700 and D800. These cameras are manageable both with outstanding quality. They are deliciously adapted thanks to their large sensor 24 x 36 and their performance in low light to the practice of wedding photography.

Nikon D800 photographe mariage

In addition, I myself have a 24-70 mm zoom and zoom 70-200 mm with a maximum aperture of f/2, 8. This large opening allows me to both play on depth of field and get the beautiful blur.

These objectives also allow me to enjoy my boxes in low-light performance for photos without a flash with mood lights.

Sometimes I have in my bag for evening shots, a focus lens fixed 35 mm opening to f/1.8 which allow me to go further in the low brightness and etonants effects and original

I am equipped also a Nikon SB 900 Speedlight, which well mastered, can lead some dark areas or achieve superb images in backlight.

The sensor 24 × 36 of the Nikon D700 and D800 enables stunning image quality.

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